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Envision Scotts Valley Community Survey Complete! 

This web-based community survey was conducted between May and September of 2017 to receive input from the broader community. The survey was comprised of 50 questions addressing a range of topics including land use and future development, aesthetics and urban design, mobility, parks and recreation, public services and community of life. Fifteen questions included an opportunity for narrative comments. In total, 813 people responded to the survey! Results of the survey, as well as the Envision Scotts Valley! Community Workshop #1 (held June 3, 2017) can be found in the Envision Scotts Valley! Community Outreach Report.



Fact Sheets

Built Environment Fact Sheet Mobility Fact Sheet Natural Environment Fact Sheet Community Fact Sheet

The following reference documents are available for download in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format.  New documents will be added as they are prepared.

Document Date File Size
General Plan    
Scotts Valley 2015-2023 Housing Element March 2016 3.3 MB

Fact Sheets

  • Built Environment
  • Mobility
  • Natural Environment
  • Community

Other City Reference Documents

These are existing source documents that will be used as reference materials and where applicable, will be updated as part of the general plan update process.

Scotts Valley Bicycle Transportation Plan March 2012 5.5 MB
Scotts Valley Parks Master Plan March 1996 386 KB
Scotts Valley Economic Development Plan March 2007 35 KB
Scotts Valley Community Profile January 2007 3 MB

street in scotts valleyAbbreviations and a definition of terms used in a general plan can be downloaded here:

The California General Plan Glossary