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Scotts Valley Public Review Draft is Now Available!

The Public Review Draft of the updated Scott Valley General Plan establishes goals, policies, and actions that will guide future land use and environmental protection decisions in Scotts Valley over the next 20 + years. It is the City’s fundamental governance document that guides decision making, actions, and programs. It embodies community values and sets the general direction for achieving broader visions for the City. The topics it addresses are wide-ranging, influencing many aspects of Scotts Valley.

The General Plan contains seven elements: 1) Land Use, 2) Economic Development, 3) Housing, 4) Mobility, 5) Open Space and Conservation, 6) Community Services & Facilities, and 7) Public Safety & Noise.

Chapter 8 Environmental Review contains the Draft EIR for the General Plan. The 45-day comment period on the Draft EIR extends from August 7 to September 21, 2023.

Future public hearings will be held this Fall with both the Planning Commission and City Council. The purpose of these public hearings will be to review all public comments and ultimately take action by certifying the Final EIR and adopting the new General Plan. The Planning Commission will consider the Plan and EIR first and make a recommendation to the City Council.

Scotts Valley Public Review Draft General Plan and Draft EIR

The Notice of Availability for the Scotts Valley General Plan Draft EIR is available here.

All written comments on the General Plan and Draft EIR should be sent by September 21, 2023, and directed to:

Mr. Taylor Bateman
Community Development Director
City of Scotts Valley Planning Department
One Civic Center Drive
Scotts Valley, CA 95066
Direct: (831) 440-5630